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Client Case Studies & Business Success Stories

See how we help our clients become the next and best versions of themselves each and every day!

Eckert & Associates, PA

Eckert & Associates was expanding its operations. Therefore, speaking with a growing number of potential clients, tracking all the associated paperwork involved and maintaining the proper workflow was becoming a laborious process. Manual forms and Excel spreadsheets were the primary tools being used.

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Orange Park Police Department (OPPD)

The OPPD had moved from a dated AS/400 to a new server to maintain their criminal justice system used to track all arrest records, 911 call logs, and evidence inventory. The vendor maintaining the new server did not support the old AS/400 and, therefore, could not import years of archived data into the new system.

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Environmental Remediation Services

Working with municipalities and governing bodies, ERS is asked to provide detailed job estimates and documentation. All the job information and documentation must be centrally managed and easily accessible by the entire organization.

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Environmental Remediation Services
Citizens' Education Inc.

Citizen's Education Inc.

Citizens Education was experiencing rapid growth, adding other schools, EspaƱol programs, African-American studies and more. During this expansion, Citizens recognized that their current SIS (Student Information System) service was not meeting all their needs. Therefore, a new service provider needed to be engaged.

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Although Praxis was already achieving high levels of process efficiency, they had run into challenges. To begin with, their process was a manual one. Tracking cycle times using spreadsheets, for example, was cumbersome, particularly when claim volumes were increasing. This made scaling up to meet the demand for additional placements very difficult.

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Praxis Specialization Custom Desktop Application
Arise system integration

Arise Light Bearers Ministry

2020 and COVID-19 provided their share of challenges for many businesses and non-profits. As a way to give back to the community, Arise chose to suspend its fees for a limited time and provide free access to its online learning resources. The response was much greater than they had anticipated, as thousands of students enrolled.

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