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Archival Records System

The Client: Orange Park Police Department (OPPD)

Founded in 1877, the Township of Orange Park is comfortably nestled in North East Florida along the St. Johns River and is considered a suburb of Jacksonville, FL. Gary Goble, started as a Patrolman back in 1993 and now serves as OPPD’s Chief of Police.

The Business Problem:

The OPPD had moved from a dated AS/400 to a new server to maintain their criminal justice system used to track all arrest records, 911 call logs, and evidence inventory. The vendor maintaining the new server did not support the old AS/400 and therefore could not import years of archived data into the new system. By law, OPPD is obligated to maintain all of its archived data. As a result, the township was forced to support expensive maintenance contracts for both the AS/400 and the new server. They needed a way to defer the costs of maintaining the old legacy system.

The Solution Applied:

ITAT was engaged by the OPPD to design and develop a separate browser-based, cold storage system to run on-premises in the existing virtual server environment. The system was designed to leverage the existing network security by integrating with the active directory domain. As a result, the client was able to extract all archived data from the AS/400 and import it into cold storage so that the AS/400 could be decommissioned and no longer remain a financial burden to the township.

Technical Environment:

The Town of Orange Park engaged ICG (now Compass MSP to manage the IT infrastructure. Working closely with ICG, ITAT focused on the MSaaS side to build a stand-alone LAMP stack which could easily be ported into the virtual server environment of the township. OPPD was able to benefit from the close cooperation between the MSP and the MSaaS provider.

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