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System and Data Services

Gain actionable insight. Build organizational effectiveness.

Paving the way for quick and easy oversight

How many different systems are embedded within your workflows?  Do you run multiple reports or log in to various applications regularly in order to track important patterns and trends?  We simplify these processes by combining multiple application and system sources into a single portal giving you a quick overview of your business performance.  These visual tools lead to better insight and quick decision-making.


Like most other businesses, a significant part of maintaining your competitive edge relies on the close monitoring of key performance indicators. Your KPI keeps you informed of bottlenecks, cost overruns and other workflow / profitability impediments enabling you to take corrective action quickly.


Combining Business Intelligence, KPIs and other analysis tools into a single view (sometimes referred to as a single pane of glass) gives you access to critical datapoints – all at a brief glance.

Custom applications tailored specifically for your business

The decision to build must be well thought out. With some exceptions, the cost to build will be higher than the cost to buy or subscribe to Software as a Service (SaaS).  With that said, there are still plenty of reasons companies need the flexibility of being in complete control of their applications.  You may run into situations when there is no off-the-shelf or Software as a Service (SaaS) option that fits your unique systems environment.  Or, if you are lucky enough to find options available for your niche market, you may discover them to be too limited, too generic or choc-full of unnecessary bells and whistles that make the purchased solution cost prohibitive.

ITAT builds flexible, tailored solutions designed to evolve with your business while also leveraging other public, private, hybrid and on-prem platforms necessary to meet your business objectives.

We take on the entire development process, from analysis and design to UAT and rollout. Or, if you have an existing team, you can choose where our team members are ‘plugged in’. Everyone on our team is stateside so time zone differences will have little impact on meetings and communication efforts. mWe can push to Azure or AWS or on-premise boxes or other hosted services directly.

Gain New Insights

Your business possesses and/or has access to data from various sources that can be easily corralled with the use of the right tools to provide true actionable insight and organizational effectiveness. For example, we can build dashboards that provide a snapshot visual representation of cycle times in your workflow, and therefore an opportunity for quick decision-making.  In short, we consolidate complex, unstructured data so that they reveal unforeseen patterns and allow you to more accurately predict future outcomes.

Improved Collaboration between applications

If you are able to process your entire workflow in a single, well-designed system you are lucky. All too often, one system is not enough to cover all data processing and tracking needs. Using tools to connect or move data between systems can help keep your workflow efficient and accurate.

Connecting, moving and sharing data between systems is something we do every day. Let us know if we can help you with yours.
High-level technical leadership when needed

Choosing a software provider or other technical service provider can be a daunting task, especially if you feel ill equipped to answer certain technical questions or feel you may not have a good understanding of all the equipment and services used to support your organization. ITAT will represent your interests when engaging with technology providers.

As Information Systems consultants, it is our job to first:

  • Understand precisely what it is you want to accomplish.
  • Analyze and fully comprehend your workflow.
  • Understand the platforms, services, software, and hardware in use.
  • Document and compare to industry standards.

Upon completion of the discovery process, we will be able to speak for your organization and

  • Represent your interest when meeting with vendors.
  • Compare service offerings and costs to industry standards and make well-informed recommendations.
  • Help perform technical interviews for candidates applying for technical positions within your company.
  • Interact with your providers on your behalf to make sure your objectives are being met.
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