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Managed IT Services

Operate efficiently and profitably with leading technology that fits your organization.

Why Engage with ITAT?

Managing your own IT can be a daunting and, at times, frustrating endeavor. ITAT combines a singularity of focus and expertise to provide the technical support and guidance your organization needs.

  • Increase your preparedness for a cyber security event.
  • Benefit from the latest productivity and security services.
  • Gain third-party trust during your next compliance audit.
  • Assure system availability with a tested backup plan.
  • Align IT with your overarching business strategies.

Fully Managed

When you do not have a dedicated IT staff and want to keep your team focused, ITAT can take on the role of vCTO


ITAT will collaborate with your staff to provide comprehensive, combined IT coverage.

Service Deliverables


Stay one step ahead of security threats

Cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses which have experienced a larger share of targeted attacks in recent years.

We perform a thorough analysis of your infrastructure as well as your data (how it is stored, processed, and shared) to pinpoint areas of vulnerability and risk.  Our review is then used to determine the best way to optimize your company’s security posture so that it reduces overall costs and empowers you to comfortably drive your business forward.

  • Managed Anti-Virus/Malware
  • Remote Monitor & Management + Inventory/Patching
  • Email/Phishing Protection
  • Office365 backup
  • Microsoft Defender for Business
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium P1


Empower your staff

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business.  The digital transformation and popular rise in hybrid work arrangements has changed the way employees perceive their overall work experience. Therefore, the technical tools and support that you provide to them is directly correlated to their productivity and morale.  In consultation with you, we will design a support structure that focuses on communication, collaboration and work output.  We also designate experienced technicians who your employees can trust to be prompt, professional and easy to work with.

  • Fast, reliable response times
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Security awareness training


Efficiency, flexibility and cost reduction

Eliminate the usual problems associated with on-site hardware by moving your systems to the Cloud.  While you are there, you can scale up or down more easily and for less cost over the long-haul by using only the digital space that you need at any given time.

  • Email / Office 365 setup and support
  • Email phishing protection
  • Domain name and DNS maintenance


Well-run systems

We take a vested interest in how your IT Infrastructure performs to the benefit of employee engagement and workflow efficiency.   Our ability to properly serve you is directly correlated to the downtime your company and its employees experience day-to-day.   But making sure your systems and devices are working properly is the least we can do.   Maximizing their use for optimal business efficiency, reliability and security is our aim.

  • Server / workstation patch management
  • Network / firewall / Wi-Fi management
  • 24/7 network and workstation security monitoring
  • Regular business reviews


Executive-level input when you need it

Whether you are planning for future growth, working with a client on an important technical issue or considering a new software application, a designated ITAT leader can speak to anyone inside and outside your organization and represent your competitive interests.

  • vCTO/Fractal CTO
  • strategic planning, budgeting, and road mapping
  • policies and procedures
  • compliance management- vendor management
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