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Technology Meets Operations

For over 10 years, we have delivered personalized solutions to our customers with the aim of solving their complex business problems and, often times, leading to transformational results. It is our hope that we can do the same for you when the time is right.

In order to properly serve you, we must first understand precisely what it is you want to accomplish before making any recommendations or jumping in, so to speak. There is often an important distinction to be made between what we are sometimes asked to build/implement and what ends up being optimal for achieving the real strategic objectives at hand. In collaboration with you, we will find the answer. It is our belief that this approach is not only the right way to treat the needs of others, but ultimately saves time, provides proper insight and encourages long-lasting work relationships.

In short, we are “about” helping businesses like yours find simple solutions to complicated issues and making a true difference in the varied communities we serve.

Our Dynamic Team

Meet The Team Behind The Technology

At IT Assist, our team thoroughly understands how to make your business function better!


Jasper Van Meurs


Andrew James

Director of Information Systems

Mike Offley

Chief Operating Officer

Desmond Williams

Chief Marketing Officer
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