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System Integration

The Client: Light Bearers Ministry

Light Bearers Ministry is a publishing and teaching ministry located in Jasper, OR. LBM publishes about 20 million publications annually. Arise is the teaching arm of LBM located in the US and Australia, with as the remote learning option.

Business Problem:

2020 and COVID-19 provided its share of challenges for many businesses and non-profits. As a way to give back to the community, Arise chose to suspend its fees for a limited time and provide free access to its on-line learning resources. The response was much greater than they had anticipated as thousands of students enrolled. Once the limited time offer had expired, many of these students expressed interest in continuing their course work. In response, Arise made the decision to temporarily extend access to these courses by accepting donations in lieu of the standard fee. However, the online payment system was not designed to register and update student records properly using a ‘variable’ payment method.

Solution Applied:

It would have been very difficult for Arise to manually track variable payments (donations) from thousands of students. The online system was not designed to support this unique ‘for-pay’ option. ITAT therefore created a new online form that could be scaled and integrated with the existing payment gateway and Zapier API to link to the classroom registration system. Consequently, this made it very easy to advertise the interim ‘for-pay’ solution to a massive wave of new students without creating additional work for the marketing team.

Technical Environment

ITAT provided technical knowledge to integrate into the Zapier automation system and payment gateway to build a form that could be scaled and linked to their marketing to update student accounts as donations were made.

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