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Critical System Migration

The Client: Citizens High School

Recognizing that the traditional high school model is not a one-size-fits-all solution, Citizens High School is providing the opportunity of an education to everyone via multiple remote learning options. Homeschoolers, career driven learners and college bound students are all guided through a thorough educational path to success.

Business Problem:

Citizens was experiencing rapid growth, adding additional schools, Español programs, African-American studies and more. During this expansion, Citizens recognized the current SIS (Student Information System) service they were using was not meeting all their needs, therefore a new service provider needed to be engaged. Moving from one SaaS provider to another can be a daunting task. While both providers were committed to providing quality software solutions, neither were particularly setup to assist with migrations.

How ITAT Assisted:

Working closely with the subject matter experts at CHS to identify the data elements that needed to be moved over, ITAT was able to use exported data from the prior SaaS provider to generate the data migration scripts. This allowed CHS to stay focused on the implementation of the new SaaS services while ITAT took care of the details behind the scenes.

Technical Environment

The current provider was able to provide MYSQL scripts to allow for the re-creation of the data on our servers. From there we were able to map the data according to the new system layout and generate the export files that could be imported into the new provider’s system.

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