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Custom Desktop Application

The Client:

Since 1997, Praxis has provided specialized claims support functions to the P&C, and more recently, the LTD and Healthcare insurance industries. Years of predictable results have earned Praxis the distinction of serving eight out of the top ten auto carriers in North America with subrogation recoveries exceeding 750 million.

Business Problem:

Although Praxis was already achieving high levels of process efficiency, they had run into challenges. To begin with, their process was a manual one. Tracking cycle times using spreadsheets, for example, was cumbersome, particularly when claim volumes were increasing. This made scaling up to meet the demand for additional placements very difficult. In short, Praxis needed a way to automate their entire workflow to process more claims and produce more recoveries for their clients without degrading the level of efficiency they had already achieved on a smaller scale. Unfortunately, the software features necessary to achieve these objectives were only available by purchasing an enterprise level application – very expensive and cost prohibitive.

Solution Applied:

ITAT created an affordable in-house solution to closely track the progress of every claim, better manage the increasing workflow and monitor cycle times more effectively. More functionality was later added to automate the inflow of data, connect to various data providers and offer visuals via dashboards for easier tracking and alerting. As a direct result of this solution, Praxis was able to double the volume of placements in relative short order, just in time to on-board more clientele. Even more benefits were achieved from best practices workflow enforcement in the system. As a kicker, the system allowed for very specific objectives to be incorporated in the workflow that incentivize employees to maximize recoveries.

Technical Environment:

Praxis was an on-prem shop by design, so tools leveraged were .NET, IIS and SQL Server. The system of record was a client/server desktop application. The web portal uses a standard web stack on IIS. SSRS was used for canned reports and a custom report generator engine was integrated into the app.

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