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Custom SaaS Solution

The Client: Eckert & Associates, PA

Dedicated to fleet owners and owner/operators, Eckert & Associates focuses on mitigating losses for truckers when a claim needs to be filed. Truckers can incur extensive downtime when rigs are in for repair resulting in lost income. Eckert & Associates have become knowledgeable in helping clients recover not only the damages and diminution but also the loss of income resulting from the incident.

Business Problem:

Eckert & Associates was expanding its operations. Therefore, speaking with a growing number of potential clients, tracking all the associated paperwork involved and maintaining the proper workflow was becoming a laborious process. Manual forms and Excel spreadsheets were the primary tools being used. The management team needed a more efficient way to ensure the proper intake process was followed and to assure that the workflow remained optimized during this period of growth.

The Solution:

In addition to the case management SaaS system provided by CMP Online, ITAT created a web-based intake system for onboarding new clients. The new system provides the mechanism by which cases are submitted, documentation is gathered, interviews with attorneys are scheduled and contracts are sent for execution. Automation of the intake process allows the client to closely monitor progress and make optimization adjustments when necessary. The client is able to gain more insight into cycle times and, as a result, make further efficiency improvements. As an additional benefit, the new system eliminated the need to replace two full-time employees who had left the company during the transition period.

Technical Environment

The application needed the ability to run as a on-premises solution or a cloud-based solution. To accommodate both possibilities, ITAT leveraged node.js for API services, vue.js for the UI (in Electron as a desktop app), and SQL server / Azure SQL DB for the data storage. Integration with Docusign and CMP online is via restful API.

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