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What is information technology?

A Quick Perspective

So we checked out and it appears there are a number of folks searching the phrase “What is information technology?”, specifically in CA, TX and FL. Since ITAT is based in FL, we thought we could weigh-in a tad, particularly as it relates to the small to medium business and their leadership teams that might be asking the question.

Of course, the top hit on Google is the official definition from Oxford, followed by a more in-depth article from Tech Target’s article ( is comprehensive, discusses IT/OT, and even differentiates some between IT and Computer Science. The Wikipedia article looks to be the 3rd or so result ( and goes more into the history, etc. So, if you’re looking for in-depth answers, we would recommend reading those articles. In this post, we’d thought we would address the SMB leader that needs a quick answer, specifically as it could relate to their organization.

In short, IT has evolved to become a bit of a blanket term referring to all things technical within a given organization. Typically included along with the computer and servers are phone systems, networks / Wi-Fi, and purpose specific electronic hardware like security cameras, even door security (key card access), and electronic time clocks. For all these items, information is being processed on devices using electronic processors (tech).

That said, there is plenty of hype around IT and how it can revolutionize your business, with many vendors clamoring for your attention. It is true that implementing technology-based solutions in your business can give your operations a significant lift in productivity and possibly reduce overhead. It’s hard to imagine any successful business that does not leverage technology-based solutions in some fashion or another. However, there are so many options, vendors, and service providers out there, that it is easy to get lost, overpay or purchase solutions that do not contribute to ROI or compliance requirements.

Our best advice? Always start with the business requirements. What does your organization need to generate more revenue or assure compliance? Assure that the technology vendors and service providers prove their product or service will meet the business need you have stipulated.

If you’d like any tips on incorporating more IT, check out our getting started guide.

Wrote my first application on an Apple IIe. Been hooked since. After graduating I started in finance and then moved to insurance. Now I'm an entrepreneur, building technical infrastructures for clients that connect and empower.

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