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Education for Ukrainian refugees

How one local company is helping students stay on track

As we watched the crisis unfold in the Ukraine, our hearts went out to those that lost loved ones, their homes, and their livelihood. Along with those living with the horrible realities of war, 25% of the Ukrainian citizens have had to flee their homes and communities. The numbers are now past 10 million citizens that have been uprooted form their communities (according to a March, 2022 CNN article).

Without the ability to attend their schools, students are also facing a significant disruption to their education. This where a local company here in Florida has stepped up to the challenge. Citizens High School has launched a Ukrainian Refugee Online Academy “with a single overriding mission to provide Ukrainian high school students unobstructed access to FREE continuing education in the face of adversity.”

More info here:

And from the Ministry of Education here:

ITAT feels privileged to have volunteered, in a small way, to help with some of the setup.

If you would like to support the effort, you can donate to the fund here.

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