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Network security

What is Network Security?

There must have been countless times you feared being attacked by hackers or viruses over the internet. The threats include everything from risking losing client data to your own company’s records that must be protected at all costs. The catch is that there is no one-time solution for cyber attackers and hackers because they persistently put your data under significant threat. In such a situation, your best bet can only be to invest in a reliable and authentic Network Security system that protects your business from every corner of the dark web.

You might wonder, what really is Network Security?

Well, the answer is quite simple! Network security is a process that involves creating a line of defense that works actively to protect your devices from losing any critical data or resources over your company’s network. These solutions can be both hardware-based or software-based technologies to detect unauthorized access to your data and counter it immediately so that you can follow the CIA (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) standards of network policies. These three components must be followed to ensure that the access is only granted to an authorized user and malware, viruses, or any other cyber threats are arrested or blocked so they do not end up corrupting the data.

Types of Network Security

The strategy for creating an effective defense system against malicious activity is multi-layered, consisting of different policies and controls at different levels that ensure complete protection. This is why there are multiple types of network security, specifically targeting your business’s problem in the cyber world.

Few of the types of Network security protection include the following:

Network Segmentation

In order to apply network policies effectively, one of the best things to do is to divide the network traffic into segments based on different classifications. These classifications include IP address and endpoint identity. This makes denying or allowing access to authorities much easier as it only gives access to those with valid credentials, thereby preventing the threat of anyone accessing your data from a suspicious location, role, or device.

Access Control

An organization’s network has a lot of sensitive data related to the client or their business, and they want to ensure that access to that is only given to the authorized person. They recognize the devices used for logging in or the location and strictly limit the data provided when there is unidentified access so that your business confidentiality is maintained.

Antivirus and Anti-malware Software

One of the most common software-based network security protection types involves antivirus and anti-malware software. Viruses and malware can very quickly corrupt your data or cause you to lose some essential files, or they can lay dormant inside your network and slowly gain entry to your system, rendering them non-functional, which can eventually lead you to lose all your data. Antiviruses and anti-malware software monitor the traffic of your network to detect suspicious activity or potential threats by scanning the system and offering remedies for them. This way, your system can stay protected from any malware and viruses.

Data Loss Prevention

The biggest asset for any company is the data they hold of their clients and their organization, and it must be protected at all costs. Oftentimes, employees may try to mess with the system by providing sensitive data to a third-party network, or they might do it mistakenly. Data loss prevention technology prevents that data from being circulated to anyone outside the network so that your business information isn’t exposed to others via forwarding, printing, or downloading options.


Firewalls are barriers or gatekeepers of the network that separate your inside network from the outside, i.e., the internet. There are specific existing policies that these security systems follow to ensure the right kind of traffic is allowed, and the rest is blocked. Therefore, by monitoring network traffic coming in and going out, firewalls manage to protect the network from any potential threats.

Cloud Network Security

With the rapidly occurring digital transformation, data, important files, and applications have become part of the cloud-based system instead of on-premise hosted servers. Even though it has made storing data much more convenient, the cloud is still exposed to cyberattacks that can damage resources quickly. Thus, cloud network security works to counter those modern problems that come with this transformation.

Behavioral Analytics

Users on your network usually follow a behavioral pattern that is analyzed by using Behavioral analytics. After monitoring a long period of activity on a secured network, behavioral analytics software can detect any abnormal activity on your network and see it as a potential threat. Behavioral analytics is used to protect your system from that threat.

Remote Access VPN

To protect the integrity of your network, remote access VPN gives individual hosts, clients, or consumers access to the company’s network. That is wholly authorized as the VPN client software is provided to them, and they can only access it under multi-stepped authentication and data encryption that ensures that privacy is maintained no matter what.

Other types of network security protection include Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Sandboxing, Hyperscale Network Security, Email Security, and so much more!

Why Should You Choose Network Security?

In order to prevent your business from losing any vital client data or information and ensuring that you have an effective system in place to counter any possible threats, network security protection is highly crucial. Data is the most valuable asset to any company as it provides insights that remain unparalleled to any other form of insight. It eventually becomes the basis for your company’s success in this competitive market; thus, you should take it very seriously. However, choosing a reliable service provider for this task is a real hassle as this software can affect your system’s performance which you certainly do not want.

Choose ITAT for your business network security and witness your business reach new heights!

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