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We Tore Down Our Server Room.

No More On-Premise Servers…

Although it sounds like a click-bait YouTube title ‘We tore down our server room, see what happens next”, we did indeed make the switch. And for an old skool IT guy, it was symbolic of the final switch to full cloud acceptance. Having been in tech since the late 90s, the server room was the center of everything. Even while we increased our utilization of cloud services, we still had backups, dev servers and sandbox environments running in house. But did we really need a floor-to-ceiling, separate HVAC server room for that? Not really. But dismantling it was also a crossing of the Rubicon for us. No more going back.

Just curious. Did anyone else that has been in tech, for a while, have the same apprehension letting go of everything on-prem? Leave us some feedback and I’ll add it to the post.

Wrote my first application on an Apple IIe. Been hooked since. After graduating I started in finance and then moved to insurance. Now I'm an entrepreneur, building technical infrastructures for clients that connect and empower.

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