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IT Consulting Services

We complement and augment your existing IT staff & MSP relationships.

System Analysis and Design

Get the most out of your IT budget with efficient solutions to save you time and money.

Software Integration

Combine your data to monitor key performance indicators from one vantage point closely.

Application Development

When your in-house staff could use a hand, or you just need an entire team to make it happen.

Data Analysis

Leverage your existing data and gain greater insights that lead to better decision-making.

Why Choose Us

Our focus is on helping clients to select, implement and support enterprise or customized solutions that enable them to better manage and grow their businesses.

Years in Service
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Frequently Asked Questions

At a high level: Solving business problems with technical solutions. Helping clients choose the most applicable, scalable, and secure tech solution, integrating it into the business processes and maintaining it.

It all depends on the scope. Most small projects are completed in 30-60 days. Larger ones are typically broken into smaller phases.

Costs are very scope-dependent, closely related to which tools are used, how much customization is required, etc. ITAT keeps the client in the driver’s seat by being vendor agnostic.

From our perspective, IT Consulting is a very broad term. As a matter of fact, we think it’s too broad. But we accept it the same way we accept IT as a generic catch-all acronym for anything related to technology. That said, for many people, the specifics of the technology being leveraged to attain a specific goal is of little consequence, and they prefer it that way. Their focus, instead, is on leveraging tech to further their business goals. So, in short, IT Consulting is a broad term used to describe leveraging a technology SME to solve business problems.

Yes, ITAT does provide vCIO services. vCIO / Fractal CIO services allow ITAT clients to tap into a seasoned professional without the high cost of filling a full-time position. vCIOs can represent your interest when vetting a 3rd party provider, performing a security review, etc.

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