I need you to...

Handle a IT Task for me

Using ITAT to complete a task

When you’ve got a specific project to complete and do not have the time or skillset available in your workforce, we can help. Our team members bring a fairly broad range of skillsets to the table. Peruse the list on the left to see if there is a match between what we offer and what your need is.

If you feel like there is a match, contact us to start the dialog. We do not flat rate projects but will write out scope documents and give you reliable estimates. When we provide task assistance, you hire one of our team members with the skillset you seek for your project or task. We will make the team member available for the amount of hours you would like to allocate to the project. A simple but effective model.

Connect it all (networking)

DHCP, DNS, LDAP, Active Directory, NAS devices, SANs, File Servers, Database Servers – all the components that keep your employees productive on the network.Whether you are implementing a new device or troubleshooting an existing one, perhaps we can help. Our team members are familiar with what it takes to get you up and running quickly.

Build me an app

Sometimes an off-the-shelf application is not sufficient to meet your business needs. When you’re ready to have custom software written, contact us to see if we can help. We build both desktop and cloud (web) apps. For desktop applications we use Microsoft tools (.NET, C#/VB and MS Access). For web apps we prefer the open source options (PHP / MySQL / HTML5/CSS3/JS native apps with REST for data access) but can also work with the Microsoft stack (NET/C#/IIS / SQL Server)

Connect me to the Cloud

Connectivity is imperative. Email, EDI, Web Access, VPN, IDS/IPS or UTM installations, router configuration and cloud services integration. Today’s companies have a lot of connectivity requirements. All the tools available to us make us much more productive but do require an experienced individual to set them up and keep them going. Contact us if your organization needs a little assistance getting into the cloud.

Just take care of it

This non-descript function can actually make sense. When you know you need help with your systems but you have no idea what skill set you need to bring in to actually solve the problem. Or perhaps the business problem is not defined well enough to determine what the technical needs are.

We can help.

Our analysts can help define the scope and set a clearer path. Contact us to discuss the options.