I need you to...

Fill an IT Role for me

Using ITAT to fill a role

Whether you need to fill a position for which you can’t quite justify a full-time salary or if you’re ready to hand off a re-occurring technical task so you can focus on other things, ITAT can assist.

We’ve listed the major categories on the left hand side. Using ITAT to fill one of these roles is like hiring an employee without all the associated costs. Furthermore, we telecommute. Working mostly from our office reduces the costs associated with each employee you have to provide space amd equipment for.

Let’s say, for example, you need to maintain an in-house application. From past experience you know that the position does not require a full-time employee, yet finding an experienced, part-time application developer is difficult. This is where we come in.

You set the number of hours you would like available to you, we provide the talent, you get your work done.

If the needs change, we’ll change the arrangement. No employee hassles.

Be my network Administrator

The network is the backbone of any system. Reliability is a must. We can provide experienced network admin man hours without the cost of a full-time admin. Below is a list of what we bring to the table in the network admin arena:
- Server (DHCP / DNS / LDAP / MS AD administration)
- Backup and Recovery Administration
- Network setup and switch configuration
- Simple SAN / NAS device setup and administration
Internet connectivity items are covered under the Cloud Administrator

Be my Application Developer

Our application developers are all familiar with all the stages of the SDLC. Whether you use Agile development methods or prefer traditional cycles, we’ve done that. Here is a listing of the tools we use. If you see a skillset match, we can help:
- PHP / MySQL / HTML5/CSS3/JS native apps with REST for data access
- .NET/C#/IIS / SQL Server
- .NET Widows Apps (C#, VB)
- MS Access (legacy support)
- Android (coming soon)
Contact us to see if one of our developers is a match for your developer needs

Be my Cloud Coordinator

This is a relatively new concept. With all the cloud tools available it’s easy to fumble. A cloud coordinator manages all your cloud services and connectivity to the same. The cloud coordinator will maintain the billing info, user setup and be a conduit for trouble tickets. Manage domain and hosting expiration, ISP connectivity issues and router configuration. Basically everywhere your business connects out. For example, ready to sign up your business with hosted Exchange or Google mail for email? Our cloud coordinator can make the transition smooth, handling domain name updates, MX record changes, set up forwarders and importing existing emails. The coordinator will provide continued support with new user setup, SPAM issues and the connecting multiple devices. Bottom line: Your users remain productive, technical issues are no longer your concern.
So here is a list of the skillsets we offer in this area:
- Router / Firewall configuration administration
- IDS/IPS setup and monitoring (using the CISCO ASA series)
- UTM (Unified Threat Management) setup and monitoring
- VPN connectivity setup and maintenance (including two factor authentication)
- Cloud services setup, maintenance and integration.
Contact us to see if there is a match between what we can provide and what your needs are.

Just be my IT guy!

If you felt this option was the closest match for your needs chances are you have little interest in what it takes to get the technological side of things going and keep them going; you just want it to work.

We understand.

You need someone to be responsible for all the technology related items around the office and let you go about the business of managing the rest. If you’ve reviewed the roles we can fill and feel like it’s a good fit, contact us. We’ll review your situation and technical needs and report back to you our opinion. If we feel it’s not a good match we’ll let you know.